We are delighted to announce that George Dufty Coaching (GDC) has chosen the Buccaneer Sessions App as the platform to run its coaching business.
Outdoor equipment has come a long way in recent years. Sustainability and eco friendly products move to the heart of the industry as outdoor activity participants are getting more discerning in their product choices.
Developments of our outdoor gear technology are getting more creative and increasingly collaborative.
“We have the best weed in town and we’re giving it away” – So says Patagonia
Get your business back on track with Buccaneer Sessions
This is a difficult time for many in and outside of the action sport industry. From our own membership we know that pretty much all guiding and skills courses have pretty much ground to a halt which is going to be a BIG challenge for the individual Pro's and industry stakeholders alike.


Buccaneer Location Data Competition -

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Building a community around good things...

Buccaneer is on a mission! Our community platform is totally dedicated to action and adventure, participation and accessibility. We are intrinsically linked to the beautiful and wild places we surf, sail, kite, paddle, ride and climb so we want to help look after them

Boardwise Online retailer joins the Buccaneer collective!!

Boardwise one the the UK's leading online retailers of water sports and snowboarding gear is listing in Buccaneer

Welcome to Buccaneer Sessions guys!!

Welcome to Buccaneer!!

Thank you for downloading the app

Welcome to Buccaneer Sessions!! Thanks for joining the collective. We thought it would be useful to give you some ideas on some things to do in the app to get you started.

Multi discipline and accessibility:   If you have read the previous entries in our Blog you will know that I am interested in multiple activities and it is my guess that I am not alone. There is definitely a personality type of people who like taking part in action and adventure sport. At its most extreme there is definitely the “Adrenaline Junkie.” Experienced participants w ...

From our previous blog we have got to a stage where we have got our App concept: Buccaneer is all about connecting you to the amazing locations we Surf, Sail, Kite, Ride, Climb and Paddle. Find new spots, create and join sessions, get messages, news and session alerts from locations, pro's and friends. Never miss an opportunity to get out there and do the things you love. And ...

The concept of Buccaneer came about as a result of trying to balance the pursuit of gnarly outdoor stuff with all of the other demands that life throws at us.   What is Buccaneer? "Buccaneer is a location based mobile app specifically aimed at action and adventure sports/activities, connecting places and locations (beaches, breaks, trails, hills, mountains and crags) to the ...


The app for the action sports community,connecting the beaches, breaks, trails, hills, mountains and crags with the people that use and enjoy them.

Our Vision

To connect people to places with a great experience. Allowing like minded individuals to share their experiences and love for adventure. Providing accessibility to hard won local knowledge to expand access to sports and activities.