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We've added the water quality feed from the Environment Agency to the App #beachlife #cleanwater


If you SUP, Kite, Sail, Surf, Swim, Wingfoil, or Kayak at some point you are going to end up in the water. Wouldn’t it be great to have some clue as to the quality of the water you are about to get in/accidentally end up swallowing.

On all of our costal locations we try to feature tide and weather conditions in addition we have just added water quality courtesy of data from the environment agency. We are super excited about it!! In line with our mission statement to be the most relevant source of action sport location data.

Clean water is big on our agenda, and we feel the more people are aware of the water quality at their local spots the better. Not only will you stay safe and well but where a water company and or an industrial/agricultural stakeholder is misusing and polluting our environment, the more people are aware will naturally put pressure on the misusers to clean their act up…. Literally!!

The Environment Agency collects water quality data each year from May to September, to ensure that designated bathing water sites on the coast and inland are safe and clean for swimming and other activities. The Environment Agency make this data reusable and accessible to application developers like Buccaneer Sessions.

Water pollution and algea: Sewage pollution and run-off from agriculture, roads, landfill, and poor waste management – otherwise known as diffuse pollution is sometimes released into freshwater bodies (rivers, ponds and lakes) and the ocean. With regard to freshwater swimming be aware of Blue-green algae, it is a slippery and potentially dangerous substance. Avoid if possible. If it’s rife, move to a different location. It’s most commonly found around lakes in the late summer, and can cause skin rash, irritation to the eyes and sickness if swallowed.

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