7 Hot Sup Spots in the UK Part 7 – South East


This is the 7th and final post in this series: Where can I SUP?…  “I’ve got 2-3 hours on Saturday morning where can I go?” Or “I’m taking the kids out  where is easy and safe to SUP?” (Don't worry there will be more to follow, later this year)

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Check it out in the App:

Look up name in the App:  : The Millers Arms (Canterbury)


Where is it:

Canterbury – Canterbury is a cathedral city and world heritage site.

What’s There:

The Great Stour runs through Canterbury city centre. Canterbury is a popular tourist destination: consistently one of the most-visited cities in the United Kingdom.


The city is on the River Stour or Great Stour. As it flows north-east, the river divides west of the city, one branch flowing through the city centre, and the other around the position of the former walls. The two branches create several river islands. Punts and rowed river boats are available for hire in Canterbury.


There is a great loop you can follow on a SUP – Take the stretch of river with The millers arms on your left. Keep paddling until you pass under the A290, then you can loop back round, turn right and then right again and paddle round back in to the city. Its quite a short loop, so you could choose just to keep paddling.

Water Conditions:

Under normal conditions this is a slow-moving body of water. Great for kids. There are areas where the water is either very shallow or there are a lot of weeds close to the surface. It might be worth leaving off any removeable fins and also use a curly leash if you have one. Trailing leashes can easily get wrapped up in weeds

Put in point:

Put-in beside the Car park


Parking is fairly good in Canterbury. There is the Kingsmead car park or Sainsbury’s


Canterbury – Canterbury is a cathedral city and world heritage site.

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