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Buccaneer New Release: App Version 1.4.3


  • A Tonne of optimisations for speed and resilience. Far to techy and boring to mention in detail but essential maintenance.
  • We added Foil Wing, Wild Swimming and Health & Well-being to the session activity selector.
  • Event Sessions – We have added the functionality to create a session or event that can run over multiple days and each day of the event can have multiple sub sessions and events that can be scheduled. User can opt in to the whole event as well as the individual sub sessions and receive push notifications and notice board messages for each sub session. This means that we can support events and festivals like Kite Armada, paddle round the pier etc. Most importantly we can support Pro’s running training clinics nationally or internationally. Event sessions can be paid sessions so users can buy a ticket / place on a course through the app or the event can be a community event.
  • Noticeboards can now support active URL’s (web links.) Pros and businesses can copy and paste in to the noticeboard URl’s to websites to inform their clients of products and services online.
  • When creating an activity session you can now see the days of the week as well as the date numbers in the drop-down selectors much better UX for creating sessions.

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