Buccaneer Sessions can demonstrate commercial value for your business:

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What is Buccaneer Sessions?

Buccaneer Sessions is a location-based app that connects your business to people who love action and adventure sports. The app provides premium information on locations where people can kite, surf, sail, ride, and paddle and gives excellent exposure to brands, service providers, and local amenities.

The Vision

The Buccaneer Sessions vision is to increase the accessibility and participation of action and adventure sports by bringing together the various disciplines (such as kitesurfing, foiling, paddle boarding, surfing, mountain biking, bouldering or climbing,) with an emphasis on coordinating activities – or sessions - and building a real sense of community around locations in association with brands, local retailers, and coaching businesses.  

When people are looking at activity locations such as beaches, lakes, rivers or mountains and deciding where they might go and what they might do. How do you make sure your business is seen and is remembered. How do you make sure people can find you?

As a business you can list against your local spots and improve your visibility, push messaging in real time to a Location Notice Board and your business followers. Push messaging can include updates on services, events and promotions to your audience.


Why get involved?

Buccaneer Sessions can demonstrate commercial value for your business by:

  • Expanding your audience (end customers and distribution network) - beyond your conventional channels - and enabling your expanded audience to connect to you both directly and passively.
  • Enabling you to broadcast to your stakeholders (audience and commercial partners), in real-time and guaranteeing viable push notifications for such things as product news, events or competitions via their mobile device.
  • Ensuring existing members and potential members have visibility of your brand or business relative to their location, boosting traffic to your service offering that would previously be hidden.
  •  Allowing you to create events, competitions or sessions that will be visible to anyone following your profile or location listings.


Giving your brand or business opportunity to ‘own’ primary action and adventure sports locations ensuring you’re always front of mind to people at that location using the app. 


Check out this short video of local businesses listing in the Buccaneer platform

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The app for the action sports community,connecting the beaches, breaks, trails, hills, mountains and crags with the people that use and enjoy them.

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